Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sorting Saturday - A Great Genealogy Gift

One of the greatest genealogy gifts a family genealogist can receive is the gift of family photos with identification of the subjects on the reverse. I have been blessed with such gifts, but not all had identification. Whether you have a family genealogy interest or not, please identify the people in photos that you have treasured over the years. Also, add the location of the photo and the occasion and date it was taken if you know it. Once you die, the value of the photos often dies with you. You just may be surprised at the memories that the photos will bring to mind and the joy you receive from reliving those moments.

I am scanning my photos and returning the originals to families who shared their photos with my family. I know when I die my children will have no earthly idea who these people are and will probably just toss them in the trash. That would be a real loss. Friends and family do not share as many "physical" photos today as most are available digitally. This too is a loss. I feel a special joy from actually holding an old photo or handwritten letter in my hand--especially if it has a connection to one of my ancestors.

My grandmother held membership in many organizations and kept lots of photos of other people. When I was unable to return a photo to its family, I posted a .jpg image on A note was added that if the photo was of anyone's ancestor I would happily mail the original to them.

Pull out that box of photographs today and get busy!

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