Monday, November 8, 2010

Displaying Family Photos

I printed copies of family photos from .jpg files.  The nice thing about using a copy is that you can print it to fit the size of the available photo frames.  The photos can be displayed and enjoyed without worrying about light or other damage.  The photo ledges ( were added to an entrance wall and the photos can be rearranged if you want to add more or change without being concerned about holes in your wall.  The ledges are hung 12 to 13 inches apart and start about 28 inches from the floor.


  1. This has always been one of my favorite things in your homes. The photographic display warms my heart. I once had something similar to this -- a ledge around my guest bedroom wall where all of my genealogy photos were displayed. Some guests weren't too pleased with "those old guys staring at me!"
    Hope to duplicate yours sometime in SC!

  2. I love your collection of photos! I wish I had enough to do something like that--and my own home to do it in.


  3. The reason I have all the photos is because I started collecting them about 65 years ago. I love photos!

    Kay, thanks. This is just a sampling of them--not any aunts, uncles, cousins, etc., unless they are in photos with grandparents or great-grands. The little tree on the top ledge is a Hallmark tree and photos are all wedding photos.

    Hang in there Jill. You'll have that house one day and I am sure it will be full of "family."

  4. Are you related to James Pulm Swann Jr.?

    If so - drop me an email at


    Brian Picton Swann