Sunday, November 7, 2010

Identifying Family Photographs

One of the greatest gifts you can give your family is to identify the family photographs that you have.  This is how I did this for my family. 

Family photos were given to me by my grandfather, Otis Franklin Swann, in 1986.  Some of the photos, well over 100 years in age, originally belonged to Julia Swann Mahone and were given to my grandfather by her grandson, Otis Hammock.  Some were his.  I have attempted to make a permanent record of these photos for future generations.  Since they are so old, they are fading and becoming brittle.  Some have a form of mildew on them that was caused by improper storage through the years.  You can see these little "spots" in the scanned images.  The original photos must be kept in a controlled atmosphere in archival safe containers.  Humidity and light are their worst enemies. 

I have identified all the individuals I could (either from personal knowledge or as actually identified on the photos).  You will note there are many who have not been identified.  If you can identify any of these unidentified individuals, please furnish that information to me.

It is my feelings that these photos belong to the family.  “The family” is anyone who is related to the Harper and Swann families contained herein.  I think I was blessed to have the opportunity to document the images of our ancestors for generations to come.  Hopefully, they disk will be enjoyed by all who use it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

If any who view these photos have additional photos they would like to add to this collection and share with the family, I will be more than happy to include them.  Either allow me to scan your photos and return them to you, or furnish a scanned .jpg (preferably 600 dpi but 300 dpi minimum) image to me for inclusion.

Since you can't zoom in on the listing, I have added two columns here:  The first column corresponds with the Photo No. column and the next with the Identification of persons in the photo.  If you would like copies of any of the following and/or a copy of the Index, leave a request below and I will email you a copy.

1Ras Swann; Olin Adair; Edna Dickerson Stroud; Julia Swann Mahone
2Alice Parker Reeves
3Mary Hellen Linnings
4Henry Swann; Arthur McCollum
5Swanns, probably taken at campmeeting or a reunion
6Swann Tent, Smyrna Camp Ground, Conyers, Georgia
7South River Mill -- looks like a flood
9Possibly Nancy Swann (Turner)
10Julie Swann (Mahone) on left; Nancy Swann (Turner) on right; Matilda Green Harper (Swann) sitting
11Otis Franklin Swann, Sr.
12Matilda with Sons: L-R (top/down): Charles D. Swann; Henry Swann; Edward Swann; Matilda Green Harper Swann
13Carl Steven Swann
14Carroll Leslie Swann, Edward Wilson Swann, Jr., William Wilson Swann, Marc Huson Swann, and Edward Wilson Swann, Sr.
15Mr. & Mrs Sorensen
16Edward Wilson Swann
17William G.(Bill) Swann; Charles Swann
20E. L. Swann (Leroy)
24Will Todd or Charles Abney ?
25Will Todd or Charles Abney ?
26Edd Harper
27Unidentified and Esma Green
28Nancy Swann (Turner); Henry Swann;  Julia Swann (Mahone); Ras Swann; Alberta Walcott
29Nancy Swann Turner
30Annie Parker, Atlanta, Georgia
32Martha Swann Carter
33Julia Swann Mahone
35James Fletcher Mahone, Jr.
36James Fletcher Mahone, Sr.; Juliam Swann Mahone (sitting on lower step right)
37Pulm Swann
38Carl Steven Swann
39Edward Wilson Swann
40Charles D. Swann
41Nancey "Nannie" Amanda Harper Todd; Robert Todd
42Bertha Todd; either Nancy Bibb Todd Gibbs or Margaret Harper, Nancy Swann Turner
43Edward Wilson Swann
44Charles D. Swann
45Margaret Swann
46Nellie Swann; Margaret Swann
47Nancy Swann Turner, Dave Harper, Margaret Harper, Charles Swanna, unidentified Child
48Julia Swann Mahone; Nancy Swann Turner
49Daisy Dickerson Forbes; Julia Swann Mahone
50Charles D. Swann
52Nancy Swann Turner
53Edwin Taylor
54Katie Nep Swann
55Jake Abney
57Margaret Harper
59Jim Harper
60Julia Swann Mahone
61William Wilson Swann
62Charles D. Swann
63James Henry Swann
64Joseph Sheppard
65Julia Swann Mahone; James Henry Swann; Nancy Swann Turner
66Matilda Harper Swann; James Henry Swann
67Matilda Harper Swann
68Matilda Green Harper Swann; William Wilson Swann
69Julia Swann Mahone
70Edward Wilson Swann
71Harpers and Swanns
72Harpers and Swanns
73Fletcher Swann
74Charles D. Swann
75Julia Swann Mahone, Joseph Sheppard

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