Thursday, November 4, 2010


Photo holders are available in many styles.  I purchased this one in the shape of a sunflower at a local store (about $10).  I then printed photographs of my parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents on my desktop printer.  I scaled the photographs to the size I desired, then printed and trimmed for insertion in the photo holder.  I made two of these--one for my brother and one for my sister--displaying four generations of my family. 

NOTE: I use PrintMaster 18.1 (not to be confused with PrintMaster 2011) software, which is a desktop publishing program.  I find PrintMaster 18 to be a very user friendly program and limited only by your imagination.

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  1. Joan, Matilda's brother, Andrew Jackson Harper was my great grandfather. I've done extensive research on the Harpers and was delighted to see the material on Matilda and Priscilla (I'm a twin, too). We live in Conyers. My in-laws are members at Smyrna Pres. I used to go to church camp there in the 60s. I'd love copies of pics 12,26, 41, 71 and 72, please. Any of my information is yours for the asking. Blessings, David Harper.